The Hanafi Legal Code – Level One

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HLCP Level One

This is the first level of a five-stage program which will take students through a formal, holistic study of the Hanafi school via a pedagogically sound and structured curriculum. The carefully curated works chosen for the program focus on instilling a strong, principled and nuanced understanding of the Hanafi school in every participant. Supplementary readings shall also be assigned for greater benefit and class discussion. There are two tracks for this course: (1) student of sacred knowledge, and (2) auditor. Auditors are silent observers in the program which means they do not ask questions during classes nor participate in the end-of-course assessments. Participants who register as students will be tested on their comprehension of the material, and certificates will be issued to them upon successful completion of each stage of the program. Learn more about the program here. Registrations are only accepted from new participants after a successful application (apply here).

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Description: At Level One, students will learn about Hanafi hadith methodology in considerable detail using selections from I‘lam al-Anam bi Isti‘ab al-Imam Abi Hanifa li Ahadith al-Ahkam. They will complete their first reading of a classical primer in Legal Theory with Mukhtasar al-Manar, a work which will expand upon and add further details to their foundational study. Kifayat al-Mubtadi will be the work which begins the student’s journey in mastering the fiqh of Imam Abu Hanifa. This text focuses on transmitting the positions of the Imam alone, allowing the student to focus and grasp all the central masa’il with clarity. Next the students will study the laws of the hajj pilgrimage in detail by reading Rahmatu ‘Llah al-Sindi’s excellent treatise titled, al-Mansak al-Saghir. As a form of review and consolidation, students will read their first full work on Ahadith al-Ahkam, specifically according to the Hanafi school, al-Mu‘tasar. Next, students will learn the transmitted beliefs of Imam Abu Hanifa by studying his Wasiyya. Finally, students will study inward fiqh, namely, the proper etiquettes of practising the shari‘a in one’s life from the beautiful work, Shir‘at al-Islam. The course will end with final assessments on each topic. Successful candidates may proceed to the next level. Read the FAQs here.

Author: Imam Abu Hanifa | Mustafa b. Ahmad al-Asqati | Tahir b. Habib al-Halabi | Rahmatu Llah al-Sindi | Khalil al-Nahlawi | Salah Abu’l Haj | ‘Arif al-Mubarakfuri

Instructor: Tabraze Azam

Time: 2pm – 4pm EST | 7pm – 9pm GMT

Frequency: Saturdays & Sundays

Starting: 9th January 2021

Length of course: 160 hours / 40 weeks (ex. breaks)

Prerequisites: Foundations Level (HLCP) or equivalent. Registrations are only accepted from new students or auditors after a successful application (apply here).

Level: Beginner / Level One (HLCP)

Topics: Sacred Law (fiqh), Legal Theory (usul), Beliefs (‘aqida), Ethics and Traditions (hadith).