August 1, 2021

Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani Series

April 6, 2021

Hadith, Sunna and Hanafis

The Hanafi Legal Code: Begin Your Journey Today!



Noura S.

“Shaykh Tabraze is engaging, knowledgeable and patient. His explanations were clear and he was willing to answer all questions. The Laws of Fasting is comprehensive and accessible, sure to be an invaluable resource for the English speaking Ummah. I can whole heartedly recommend Irshad Classes and Sh. Tabraze.”

Mandu India, afghan ruins of islam kingdom, palace interior, mosque monument and muslim tomb. Sunshine from door in dark corridor.

Nabil A.

“I have been attending the Kifayat al-Mubtadi course and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The opportunity to study with a teacher in a live session over an extended period of time allows for a deeper understanding of a text. The ability to ask questions as opposed to only listening to a lecture helps us to more fully understand and apply the lessons from the text to our present situations. I would love to take additional courses in the future in this particular setting.”


Sayeed S.

“The Hashiyat at-Tahtawi class is a unique opportunity to dive into the nuances of `ibadat, while solidifying previous knowledge. This text gives insight into the workings of the Hanafi madhhab, and fiqh more broadly, while still being directly relevant to practice. Shaykh Tabraze frequently brings up brings up points of benefit, both practical and theoretical, relating to the historical and the contemporary, and he is always open to further questions and discussions. All of this is with a sense of humor and compassion, and keen regard to the students’ level and priorities.”

Mandu India, afghan ruins of islam kingdom, mosque monument and muslim tomb. Jahaz Mahal.

Asim Q.

“Relevant, engaging, inspiring. Shaykh Tabraze is a talented scholar. This class should be taken by not only students who want to know their fard ‘ayn thoroughly, but who are also in the pursuit of gaining an understanding of how the Hanafi madhab works and functions as a whole.” – Maraqi al-Falah


Sadaf K.

“Alhamdulilah the Maraqi al-Falah class is extremely beneficial. Shaykh Tabraze translates and explains the text with exactitude and gives examples, as needed, for various issues covered in class. He answers questions in detail explaining the relevant aspects while making sure the student has understood the concept. What I like most is how he highlights the reason for the fiqh rulings while reading the text and underscores the importance of understanding the “why” and not just the fiqh rulings.”