Tabraze Azam is a traditionally-trained teacher of the Islamic Sciences specialising in Hanafi Sacred Law and Legal Theory. He earned a BSc in Computer Science and Management from the University of Leicester, UK, where he concurrently served as the President of the Islamic Society (ISOC). He memorised the entire Qur’an in his youth, earned a traditional license (ijaza) to convey it, and has led congregations in the nightly Ramadan prayers (tarawih) at home and abroad. He is a graduate of the Anwar al-‘Ulama Centre in Amman, Jordan, which focuses primarily on taking students through a rigorous program to become skilled jurisconsults. He has also privately studied an array of classical subjects for over a decade with a variety of distinguished scholars in England, Turkey and Jordan, and has attained formal, traditional licenses to teach and transmit sacred knowledge.

Previously, he was a member of the faculty at SeekersGuidance where he was overseeing, developing and teaching curriculum courses, supervising and mentoring students of knowledge, and answering religious questions from the global Muslim community in his post as an official researcher and instructor. He is now the Academic Director of Irshad (, and also a faculty member at Basira Education (, an initiative which trains teenagers, young adults and professionals to be intelligent, confident and faithful believers by giving them a strong grounding in the religious sciences in the light of challenges posed by modernity and science. He presently lives in Amman with his wife and children.