The Hanafi Legal Code – Foundations

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HLCP Foundations

This is the introductory, entry level of a five-stage program which will take students through a formal, holistic study of the Hanafi school via a pedagogically sound and structured curriculum. The carefully curated works chosen for the program focus on instilling a strong, principled and nuanced understanding of the Hanafi school in every participant. Supplementary readings shall also be assigned for greater benefit and class discussion. There are two tracks for this course: (1) student of sacred knowledge, and (2) auditor. Auditors are silent observers in the program which means they do not ask questions during classes nor participate in the end-of-course assessments. Participants who register as students will be tested on their comprehension of the material, and certificates will be issued to them upon successful completion of each stage of the program. Learn more about the program here

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Description: At the Foundational Level, students will learn about the early development of Islamic Sacred Law (fiqh), with particular reference to the Hanafi school. They will also study the lives of the founders and main figures in the early school. The introduction to Legal Theory reading via Mabadi’ fi ‘Ilm Usul al-Fiqh gently apprises students of basic terminology, leaving the details for later levels. al-Rawda al-Saniyya is comprised of a central section of the laws of worship interspersed with beautiful, transmitted sunnas of different aspects of life, the laws of the lawful and unlawful, and the adab and rules of speech, food and earning a living. The specialised text, Khulasat al-Kaydani, will allow the student to specifically learn the detailed rules of prayer in a logical manner and with precision. Then, the reading of Forty Hadith on the Prayer and the Prayer of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) will introduce a student to traditions (ahadith) which clearly support Hanafi precedent and practice. Finally, students will study the proper manners of students of sacred knowledge through a reading of the relevant section in Shir‘at al-Islam. The course will end with final assessments on each topic. Successful candidates may proceed to the next level. Read the FAQs here.

Author: ‘Ali b. Balban al-Farisi | Lutfu ‘Llah al-Nasafi | Akram Nadwi | Wa’il al-Hanbali | Ra’id al-Mulla | Imam Zada

Instructor: Tabraze Azam

Time: 10am – 12pm EST | 3pm – 5pm GMT

Frequency: Sundays

Starting: 10th January 2021

Length of course: 80 hours / 40 weeks (ex. breaks)

Prerequisites: None

Level: Foundations (HLCP)

Topics: Sacred Law (fiqh), Legal Theory (usul), History (tarikh), Ethics and Traditions (hadith).


“I would highly recommend anyone wishing to begin exploring the Hanafi school in a systematic and traditional way to undertake this course. The instructor, Shaykh Tabraze, may Allah preserve him, has an excellent manner of teaching, ma sha’ Allah, and is very open to questions and discussion from the very outset. The distinguishing feature about the course content is its progressive and comprehensive nature, where one learns stepwise in a very structured manner. The teacher also imparts an all encompassing confidence in the madhhab, allaying and dispelling any misconceptions one may have seen or heard but unable to answer, laying a strong and conviction based foundation for further study.” – Student (UK)