Takhassus in Hanafi Fiqh (Year 1)

£500.00 or £60.00 / month for 10 months

التخصص في الفقه الحنفي

The Takhassus in Hanafi Fiqh offering is an onsite, postgraduate, two-year specialisation programme for ladies who have completed their studies in a traditional institution of learning, such as the Dars al-Nizami or equivalent. Participants will seek to master the underlying philosophy of the Hanafi way through an in-depth study of significant, authoritative primers (mutun) in both positive law (furu‘) and legal theory (usul). The main course texts will be (1) Sadr al-Shari‘a’s abridgement of the masa’il of Imam Marghinani’s Hidaya, (2) Akhsikati’s abridgement of Bazdawi’s Usul, (3) Abu Bakr al-Mulla’s abridgement and commentary of the qawa‘id of Ibn Nujaym’s al-Ashbah, and (4) Ibn ‘Abidin’s ‘Uqud Rasm al-Mufti. Participants who fulfil the course requirements will graduate with a diploma. This course is for local students–a very limited number of national or international applicants *may* be considered. All prospective participants must fill in the application form here. (Registration closes: –)

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Description: An overview of the syllabus is below:

  1. A History and Introduction to the Hanafi School
  2. A Study of Sadr al-Shari‘a’s al-Nuqaya Mukhtasar al-Wiqaya
  3. A Study of Akhsikati’s Muntakhab al-Husami
  4. A Study of Abu Bakr al-Mulla’s Zawahir al-Qala’id
  5. A Detailed Overview of Hanafi Texts, Authors and Regional Centres

Classes will be recorded for absentees and for further review. There will be ample opportunities in class for questions as classes will be interactive and discussion-based with regular usage of the whiteboard or other means of presentation.

Authors: Sadr al-Shari‘a ‘Ubayd Allah b. Mas‘ud | Husam al-Din al-Akhsikati | Abu Bakr al-Mulla | Muhammad Amin b. ‘Abidin

Instructor: Tabraze Azam

Time: TBC

Frequency: Tuesdays

Starting: TBC

Length of course: 200 hours / Two Years* (There shall be some time off for school holidays)

Payment: The total, heavily subsidised, upfront cost for the course is £1000. The first payment covers the first year, and students will need to register again next year to cover the remainder of the fees. If you need financial aid, you can seek it through the application form. (Registration closes: –)

Prerequisites: Completion of a traditional alimiyya course or equivalent.

Level: Advanced

Topics: Sacred Law (fiqh), Legal Theory (usul), Legal Maxims (qawa‘id), Law Application (usul al-fatwa), History (tarikh al-madhhab), and Madhhab Literature.

Assessments: Participants will be expected to read commentary-literature and prepare outside of class, submit class homework assignments, where applicable, write a supervised dissertation in the second year (5K-10K words), and take the end-of-course examinations (oral and written).

Attendees will also be highly encouraged to memorise Sadr al-Shari‘a’s al-Nuqaya, Aqhisari’s Samt al-Wusul, a significant number of legal maxims and Ibn ‘Abidin’s ‘Uqud Rasm al-Mufti. 

Time Commitment: Minimally three hours outside of class.

Location: The class will be held on-ground in Evington, Leicester (UK)–the exact location will be shared with successful registrants. There is no online option for local participants–we will potentially consider a small number of online, national or international applicants if they can demonstrate the requisite level of seriousness and engagement.

*We will endeavour to cover the entire syllabus, even if further classes are required.

(The course will only run if the minimum quota of students is met.)